Corporate Office, Dhanmondi R/A, Dhaka
4th August, 2022

Award Function for Best Performance in (Jan-Jun) 2022

An award program for 'Best Performing Team in (JAN-JUN) 2022' & 'Star Performer of (JAN-JUN) 2022' was arranged at our corporate office. A team of five members achieved the Best Performing Award. And individially, Mr. Abu Raihan Al Mustafiz become the Star Performer of the Jan'22-Jun'22 session. Credence Management crowned him & the team with mesmerizing crests and a holiday package at abroad. Our honorable Managing Director, Mr. Zillul Karim & Deputy Managing Director, Mr. Al-Mamun Azad was present at that program. They gave their valuable speech to the audience that inspired the individuals immensly for their future endeavours.